Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A toy for RC

I am so happy to be home with RC. At 5 months old I had to start leaving Jman and this began my spiral into crazy depression. I also realized God had a new plan for me, to be a SAHM. When RC turned 5 months, I noticed, and sighed relief that I am blessed to stay home and did not have to drop him off. 

I've been making Jman activities, sensory boxes and all kinds of things since I started staying home. Today is a first for RC. I made him a toy. Granted he has plenty of toys but it's time to work on his sensory experiences as well. So I made him a ribbon toy made of red, white and black material. Which I already had all of this, so even better.  Red, white, black colors draw babies attention most. Were focusing on visual sensory here. So here it is. 

He was captivated watching me make it. 
So focused

He likes it!

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